20 steps to get started with Google Classroom

20 Steps to Get Started with the New Google Classroom

  1. Create a new class.
  2. Click on the Classwork tab.
  3. Click on the Create button.
  4. Create a topic called “Today.”
  5. Click on the Create button and create a topic called “About/Resources.”
  6. Click on the Create button and create a topic called “Unit 1”
  7. Click on Create and create an assignment for your syllabus. Set it to be ungraded. Add your syllabus and assign.
  8. Click on Create and create a question. Ask a question to get to know your students. Set the topic to “Today.”
  9. Add any additional resources to the About/.Resources topic and activities to the Today topic.
  10. Click on the Stream tab.
  11. In the header is the option to change the theme or upload a picture. Try this template to add an image that points to Classwork.
  12. Click on the settings cog at the top.
  13. Click on the pencil to set a description for the class.
  14. Locate the class code and click the tiny triangle next to it to display the code.
  15. Ask students to go to classroom.google.com and click the plus icon in the upper right to enter the join code you are displaying.
  16. Direct students to the Classwork tab to answer the question in the Today topic.
  17. Ask students to review resources you’ve uploaded and to mark them as done.
  18. Point out that when marked as done, the icon on the assignment stripe is grey.
  19. Ask students to click on “View Your Work” at the top of Classwork to see the status of their assignments.
  20. Click on the 3 dots on the assignments listed under the Today topic and choose edit. Change the topic from Today to Unit 1.

Link to Graphic      Link to Google Doc of the list

It Is HERE: The NEW Google Classroom

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