Filter Topics in Google Classroom

Filter the Classwork Page by Topic

The Classwork page in Google Classroom allows you to organize your assignments by topic, but it can get quite long as the school year goes on. One of the downsides to the Classwork page is the inability to see the full assignment title and assignment description without any clicking. The new filter ability in Classroom solves this problem.

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Click on the Classwork page and notice it now shows an ability to filter the topics above the Create button. The default is “All topics.” Click on the filter to select a single topic from the drop down list.

Who Did Work?

A good digital platform should help you to engage more with students, not just put your stuff online. When you filter the topics on the Classwork page they show in their full expanded form. Showing the full directions along with the number of students who completed the assignment. If the “Turned in” number is not zero, CLICK ON THAT NUMBER! Technology allows us to rethink how we run our classrooms. Rather than waiting until everyone has finished, we can interact with students NOW… and that matters. The faster the feedback, the more a student engages in your class.

Class Comments

One thing that drove me nuts about the Google Classroom update was that it was now harder for students to interact through Class comments. Filtering topics fixes this. Now the Class comments are front and center to show that someone has commented on the assignment. You can see who commented and what they commented. The subtle “3 class comments” is not enough information to drive you to interact with the assignment. Seeing an actual question that needs to be addressed does.

Filter Topics

Encourage your students to filter for the current topic. This will allow them a more detailed view of what work they are supposed to complete along with a clear indicator of their assignment status.

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