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You Look Good In My Class Twitter Stream

You Look Good In My Class Twitter Stream

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Previously I had posted some blog posts on having a class Twitter account. This can be a good way to share the awesome things going on in your classroom, give parents a window into what fantastic things their child is doing all day, provide an audience for your students, and to connect with other classrooms for collaboration.

Why a Class Twitter Account

Trick for Creating a Class Twitter

Class Twitter Account: How Your Students Can Tweet

Twitter Stream

The Twitter stream is what you see when you log into twitter.com. It is the list of tweets by the people you follow. If you are picky about who your class follows, the Twitter stream can be great to embed on your class website or project for the class. Following Twitter accounts such as the United States Geological Society (@USGS) adds amazing photos to your class Twitter stream that sparks curiosity and critical thinking for students.

List of Twitter Accounts to Follow


The above link is a list of classroom friendly Twitter accounts to follow. These accounts consistently provide interesting pictures and news. Add to the list if you know of Twitter accounts that are good for classrooms to follow. Make sure they are student friendly!

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