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In my post yesterday I showed you how you can use your class Twitter account to safely allow students to tweet. After receiving a few questions on how to create a class account, here are a few tips:

Go to and log out of your regular Twitter account. Sign up for a new account for you to use with your class.


If you are using Gmail or a Google Apps domain email address you can create unlimited email addresses. Simply append your current email address with a plus sign and a word. You can choose any word you wish. For example: if your email address is or then you would want to sign up for or

Any email sent to the new email address will send to your regular email address. This keeps you from having to check multiple email accounts.


After you have created your class Twitter account, use something such as Tweetdeck allows you to utilize multiple Twitter accounts without logging in and out. Locate the settings cog on the left side of TweetDeck to add an additional Twitter account.
Tweetdeck Settings

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