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Embed Video in Microsoft Forms

Embed Video into Microsoft Forms
Embed Video in Microsoft Forms
YouTube video

When using a Microsoft Form you can add a YouTube video or Microsoft Stream video to a question. This allows you to ask the responder to view the video and answer a question about the video.

Microsoft Stream is a secure place to upload your school district videos. You can upload videos to Microsoft Stream just like you would to YouTube, however by using Stream you can avoid the ads and web filter blocking. Stream videos are not intended to be public, so for Microsoft Forms that you intend to share with parents or others outside of your school/district then YouTube would be the better platform.

Whether you want to add a YouTube video or a Microsoft Stream video to your Microsoft Form, you will need to get the link. On either platform, click on the share icon while viewing the video to copy the link to the video.

Create a Question

In your Microsoft Form, on the edit screen, add a question. A hidden secret of Microsoft Forms is that you can click on the image icon and add video!

Paste the link to the YouTube or Stream video and it easily embeds right into the Form.

When inserting media you can choose video

Queue it Up

Both Stream and YouTube allow you to start the video at a particular time. If the key information in your video is 14 seconds into the video have the video in the Form start then. When sharing from Stream the option to choose the start time is right on the share screen. In YouTube, right click on the video to choose “Copy video URL at current time.”

Notice for both Stream and YouTube the end of the video link is modified to indicate the start time. Paste the modified link into Microsoft Forms. The video in the Form will start at the indicated start time when played.

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