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Google Classroom: Quickly Add Video Directions

quickly add video to google classroom
Google Classroom: Quickly Add Video Directions

quickly add video to google classroom webcam record

Use Webcam Record to Add Directions to Google Classroom

The most influential element in a classroom: the teacher. You work hard to build relationships and students like you. Putting your face into your digital assignments makes a personal connection with students, even when they are using a computer. When creating an assignment in Google Classroom consider adding a webcam video where you just say hello, give clarifying directions, words of encouragement, or offer tips and challenges.

Webcam Record Chrome Extension


After installing the Webcam Record Chrome extension and accepting the permissions you will be able to create webcam videos quickly from the extension. The videos automatically save to Google Drive. The videos are on purpose low quality so they load quickly. There is a 30 second time limit by design. It is better to create several short videos rather than one long video. I love a 7 second video! Say it, be enthusiastic, get out.

No One Thinks About You But You

YouTube video

I have asked students… do you care if your teacher wears makeup? So far in my poll, the results are 100%. They don’t care. I am writing this blog post from my kitchen table before I’ve had my first cup of coffee. I made you a video even though I still haven’t brushed my teeth or hair. It’s more important for me to include video of myself in my class than it is for me to look pretty. But remember, no one thinks about you but you. When you look at a group photo, whose double chin do you notice? When someone shows you a picture of someone else have you ever reeled back in disgust in the same way you react to a photo of yourself? The only person judging you is you. Once I got over feeling like I needed to look good to be on video I now live for an awkward video still. I don’t have control over the video still so I just make it a contest to have the most awkward. If you can’t have fun with yourself who can you have fun with?

Adding to Google Classroom

While creating the Google Classroom assignment, click on the Webcam Record icon in the extension shelf. Start the video and say a hello! Click finish. The video automatically saves to Google Drive. Immediately, click on the Drive icon in the assignment and add the video you just made. Now make another short video! Click on the Drive icon and add the video you just made. So easy!

YouTube video

Rename in Google Drive

The video files have a default name of Webcam with the date and time. That is fine, you can leave that. However, I will typically have Google Drive open in a different tab. If I click on Recent on the left hand side I can find the video super fast. Single click on the video file and press N to rename it. You can also right click on the video file and choose rename. I like to rename it to pretty much exactly what I just said.

Creating Animated GIFs

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