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SlideShot Math with Desmos

Slideshot Desmos
SlideShot Math with Desmos
SlideShot with Desmos

Use the SlideShot Chrome Extension with Desmos

Desmos is so much more than an online graphing calculator. Demos helps shift the math classroom from students doing math to exploring math.

“Math is about pattern finding.” – Youcubed

One of the shifts in teaching mathematics is away from “Show your work” to “Show your thinking.” Exploring math, finding patterns, and discovering are part of the math classroom. How do we document this?

SlideShot Chrome Extension

Install SlideShot Chrome extension

SlideShot will automatically take a screenshot every minute and save the picture to Google Drive. Students can also click on the Chrome extension and choose “Manual capture” if they want to ensure a particular moment is added.

Google Slides

After selecting finish, or automatically after 40 minutes, a Google Slides of the screenshots will automatically be created.

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By entering a formula into Desmos online graphing calculator, students are offered the option to make “sliders.” This allows the students to investigate the changes to the graph as the values of the coefficients change.


While students are using Desmos to investigate patterns, SlideShot will document the students exploration. Additionally, students should use “Manual capture” when they intentionally make a change they are investigating to ensure it is captured.

Text Box

In the automatically created Google Slides, a text box appears to the right. In this textbox students can reflect on what they were thinking and exploring at the time of the screenshot. What were they trying to do? What did they discover?


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