It’s Summer – Make a Word Search

Have Some Fun, Make a Word Search As many of you know I am highly critical of busywork, low critical thinking, low learning activities for students. Word Searches are not learning activities. However, they are fun activities. Save yourself some money from buying a...

Kids Code: Add-On Template

Previously I had blogged about students coding their vocabulary words. To help students take it up a notch I have created an Add-on template that puts a button in the sidebar. The button will run the students code. This provides students the opportunity to share what...

TemplateTab: Delete Unused Tabs

This week I had my students use a single point rubric to do peer-evaluations. How I did it was used my TemplateTab Add-on script. This duplicates the rubric for each student in the class into one spreadsheet. Peers then receive a copy of the spreadsheet of rubrics and...

Introduction to the NEW Google Classroom Online Workshop

Google Classroom is rolling out a new interface. Be ready for Fall, let’s look at the new Google Classroom and how to use Google Classroom.
Starts Monday, July 23rd

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SALE: $20
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