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Google Sheets: Merge Data into One Column

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Merge Data into One Column

Sometimes I need to have a need to take columns of data in a spreadsheet and put them into one column. What I normally do, if it isn’t a lot of data, is use Control-X to cut out one column of data and put it underneath the other. However, why do this when you can press a button and have it do it for you.

columns into one column

Add-on Template


This is not an official Add-on for Google Sheets which means you will not find it by searching for more Add-ons. Instead, you must start from the provided spreadsheet template.

Sample Data

You will notice when opening up the spreadsheet that there are columns of names. This is so you can try out what the Add-on script does. Highlight any selection of data and press the “Start” button in the sidebar. This will take all of the values that are highlighted and combine them together into one list.

How Do You Use This

Since you must use my spreadsheet you need to figure out how to get your data into my spreadsheet. One option is copy and paste. You can add a new sheet and paste your data onto the new sheet. Another option is to click on the arrow on the tab of your data and choose “Copy to…” This will allow you to copy your data into my spreadsheet.

copy to from one spreadsheet to another

Uh Why

  • Lists of vocab words
    I have copied and pasted vocab words off the Internet, only to have to drag them into a list.
  • Collaborative spreadsheet
    Spreadsheets are great for brainstorming, sharing one with a group of students or colleagues everyone can put their ideas in every cell. Except, after the brainstorming you want the scattered ideas to be in a single list.
  • Merging rosters
    If you have multiple class sections you may want to get all the students in the same list.

Merge Columns

Merge Columns

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