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templateTab: Collaborate with Students using Spreadsheets

templateTab: Collaborate with Students using Spreadsheets



I love spreadsheets and I love students collaborating. This comes together by using Google Sheets spreadsheets.




After making a copy of templateTab, paste your roster into column A. I recommend that you have a spreadsheet in your Google Drive that has a list of your students names and email addresses. This makes it easy to copy and paste your roster when you need it.
templatetab copy roster

Graphic Organizer

The second tab in the spreadsheet allows you to design a graphic organizer. A copy of this graphic organizer will be made for every student. This will be in the SAME spreadsheet.
design graphic organizer in templatetab

Run templateTab

Use the menu to run templateTab. This creates a named sheet for each student on the roster. Each sheet is a copy of the graphic organizer.
menu run template tab

templatetab one per student

To see a sample Click Here.

Google Classroom

After running templateTab attach the file in Google Classroom as “Students can edit file.” This immediate allows all students in the class to collaborate on the document. Students can protect their tab by clicking on the arrow on the tab and choosing “Protect sheet.”

Not Google Classroom

If you are not a Google Classroom user, change the sharing settings on the document to “Anyone with the link can edit.” Distribute the link.


1) Click on blue share button
blue share button

2) Click on “Get sharable link.”
get a sharable link

3) Click on arrow next to “can view” and choose “More…”
anyone with the link can edit go to more

4) Click on “On – Anyone with the link” and then change from “Can view” to “Can edit.”
anyone with the link can edit

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