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teachers are professionals 15 per month is 180

$15 A Month is $180 a Year: How Much Do You Pay A Year for EdTech?

How Much Is That EdTech Product Costing? The other day I spent hours looking up EdTech products that are freemium (or just outright not free) looking up their cost. First, I do not think free is sustainable or a good idea necessarily. High quality products require talented people to create, market, sell, maintain, and provide professional development around. Unless you… Read More »$15 A Month is $180 a Year: How Much Do You Pay A Year for EdTech?


Gimkit – Student Engagement Made by Students

Gimkit for Formative Assessment Gimkit has some features that are similar to Kahoot and Quizizz. The questions for Gimkit can be imported from Quizlet. Gimkit is freemium, like many EdTech products. This means there is a free version but you can pay to upgrade to additional features. Made by Students You want the best reason to check out Gimkit? High school students created… Read More »Gimkit – Student Engagement Made by Students

eric de la rosa tool wall

Tool Wall – By @EricDe_La_Rosa

Eric’s Tool Wall I was recently in Eric De La Rosa’s office and noticed his whiteboard tool wall. I tweeted a picture; there was a demand for the entire wall. Eric generously took a new picture to share with all of you. Give him a follow on Twitter: @EricDe_La_Rosa Padlet You may be thinking, Alice my eyes are squinting here to… Read More »Tool Wall – By @EricDe_La_Rosa

5 Easy Steps to start a podcast with Soundtrap

5 Steps to a Podcast Using Soundtrap

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Create a Podcast with Soundtrap A podcast is a voice recording that you share with people. It is like a radio show but does not use the radio waves! Podcasts can be perfect for sharing your ideas about a topic you are passionate about. Consider having your students create a podcast about what they are learning. Producing the show can… Read More »5 Steps to a Podcast Using Soundtrap

Students create quizizz

Have STUDENTS Make a Quizizz

Have the Students Make It I’m a big fan of Catlin Tucker. In one of her blog posts she asks the question “Who is doing the work in your classroom?” Teaching responsibility and creating leaders starts with giving students responsibilities and having them make decisions. Instead of you staying after school creating a Quizizz game for students to practice, as… Read More »Have STUDENTS Make a Quizizz