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Insert Button into Google Sites

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Google Sites websites allow you to add a button to the pages. Buttons are very helpful to bring attention to links you particularly want students to click on. Insert Menu While editing your Google Site, notice the “Insert” tab in the right side bar. Scroll down a bit in the sidebar to find “Button.” Select the Section First The button… Read More »Insert Button into Google Sites

3 Minute Timer – Google Slides

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You can use Google Slides to create a timer. I created a slide for every second. Click here for the Google Slides file. Publish to the Web Use the File menu in Google Slides to choose “Publish to the web.” Publishing allows you to “Start slideshow as soon as the player loads.” Change from the default of every 3 seconds… Read More »3 Minute Timer – Google Slides

Easy Fast Quick Google Sites by Alice Keeler

Make Google Sites FAST

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Google Sites is a quick way to create a website. Use sites.new to go straight to a brand new Google Sites. Go to sites.google.com/new to try out a template or find your already created Sites.

Make Google Forms Self Grading

SELF GRADING – Google Form

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“If it is low critical thinking, a robot should grade it.” Teaching critical thinking is hard and time consuming. So you have to give something up so you can spend time working with students on a feedback loop on higher critical thinking tasks. Tip: Make the WHOLE THING SELF GRADING Sure, you can mix up self grading questions and non… Read More »SELF GRADING – Google Form

CHeck off in google sheets

CHECK OFF Student Participation

Keep Track of Students Completing Work in Google Sheets You’ve asked students to complete several things digitally. Digital, unlike paper, can be completed at different times. This can make it challenging to keep track of what students have and have not done. Google Sheets can help with keeping track. Template Google Sheets If you want to make your own from… Read More »CHECK OFF Student Participation

Sort Google Drive last modified by me

Sort Last Modified by Me

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Google Drive Sorting One of the things I love about Google Drive is the information I can get about a file without opening it. Sorting in Drive helps me to find my work faster, especially if I am collaborating. List View Be sure to be in “List View” in your Google Drive to sort. This will show a plain list… Read More »Sort Last Modified by Me

3 Google SLides Features

3 Google Slides Features

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3 Features in Google Slides Google Slides is a great platform for collaboration. 1. Google Slides is Multi-Media This is a big deal! Multi-media increases student engagement, which matters for learning. Use the Insert menu to add Images, Text, Audio, or Video. You can add videos from Google Drive! Your EDU account has UNLIMITED Google Drive storage. So load it… Read More »3 Google Slides Features

Slides Dice

Roll Dice in Google Slides

Roll Dice in Google Slides One of my favorite sayings is “I don’t use Google Slides to give information, I use it to GET information.” Using Google Slides to make a presentation is probably the least likely thing I do with Google Slides. It’s an awesome collaboration space! While using Google Slides in edit mode rather than presentation mode your… Read More »Roll Dice in Google Slides