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Free Illustrative Math in GeoGebra

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GeoGebra is 100% FREE Use Illustrative Math Curriculum Illustrative Mathematics is a free, creative commons OER math curriculum that takes a more modern approach to how we teach mathematics. GeoGebra has taken the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and kicked it up a notch….FOR FREE. Preview High School Curriculum This free curriculum is available in GeoGebra for grades 6 – 8 and… Read More »Free Illustrative Math in GeoGebra

5 Features of Google Jamboard

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Google Jamboard is another awesome collaboration tool with so many great features! Check out these 5 things you can do in Google Jamboard.

Voice Type Your Math

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EquatIO works with Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Jamboard, and more to add math to these products. It is FREE for teachers. You will need to install the Chrome extension and fill out the form to make your free trial into a free premium subscription. You can VERBALLY type your math! Voice Typing There are so many amazing features of… Read More »Voice Type Your Math

Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Drive: Keyboard Shortcuts

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One of the most effective things you can do to become better at using the computer is to learn keyboard shortcuts. Learn one a week!! I use keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive ALL THE TIME! P to Preview It’s a toss up between P and N for which Drive shortcut I use the most. P is PREVIEW!!! Single click on… Read More »Google Drive: Keyboard Shortcuts

Shut the Box Game – Google Slides

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If you are looking for something fun for your students to do during class time try the Shut the Box game. Traditionally this game is played with 2 players, a pair of dice, and 9 tiles. To play this virtually, or digitally, try my Google Slides version. Template Objective The objective of the shut the box game is to remove… Read More »Shut the Box Game – Google Slides

Use Hashtags in Google Keep

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Google Keep is a tool I use every day. Think digital sticky notes… But Google style, so they are collaborative and work with Docs and Slides. Hashtags are Labels Using hashtags in a Google Keep note helps you to search for things you want to get back to. Using a hashtag in a Keep note automatically labels it in a… Read More »Use Hashtags in Google Keep