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Bingo Ice Breaker with Alice Keeler

Have fun with a Bingo Ice Breaker! Try out this free Add-on by Alice Keeler to create a fun activity to get students or participants up out of their seats and getting to know each other.
Bingo Ice Breaker with Alice Keeler

Looking for a fun activity to do with your students? Try my Bingo Board maker to create a unique board per student. Make a Bingo Ice Breaker with my free template. It collects NO USER DATA! First you will need to make a copy of the template. Then you will want to think of fun options that students can claim. For example “Has a dog” or “Favorite color is blue.” Create Bingo boards that help the students to get to know each other by finding a student that has a particular characteristic.

Google Sheets Bingo Boards with 20 bingo options

Print out the Bingo boards on paper and have students walk around the room interviewing classmates.

How many times can a student sign another student’s paper? Ideally just once, but depending on the size of your class you may need to allow for 2 or 3 times. I ask that the student who is able to “qualify for a square” PRINTS their name on the square. This will allow you later to gather the Bingo boards and say “I see Javier has a dog. Tell us about your dog Javier.”

Bingo by Alice Keeler to create the Bingo Ice Breaker boards. Install from Google Workspace Marketplace

Add-on Bingo by Alice Keeler

Extensions Menu in Google Sheets

Create a new Google Sheets spreadsheet. In the Extensions menu you will find “Bingo by Alice Keeler.”

To make a Bingo Ice Breaker use the Extensions menu in Google Sheets to select Bingo by Alice Keeler

Bingo Menu

Setup the Bingo board by using the setup option in the Extensions menu. This will insert a sheet to allow you to make a list of the potential Bingo items.

Make a List of at Least 25 Items

The created Bingo Boards are 5 by 5 grids. Thus, you will need at least 25 items for your Bingo Boards. I recommend a list of more than 25 just so each board that is created does not necessarily have the same items on it.

Insert Checkboxes

If your list is more than 25 items you will need a checkbox for the additional items. You can use the Extensions menu to insert additional checkboxes. You can also add them manually by using the Insert menu or just copying and pasting the checkboxes.

You will need a checked checkbox next to each option.

Try It

I have created a sample spreadsheet with more than 25 get to know you options. You can add to the list or edit the list. You can brainstorm and make a long list. If any of the options you decide you do not want to end up on the Bingo Boards simply uncheck the checkbox next to it.

Make Bingo Sheets

Once you have your list of ice breaker questions, use the Extensions menu to “Make Bingo Sheets.” You can also choose “Make Bingo Free Space” which makes the middle square a free space.

Extensions menu for Bingo. Select Make Bingo Sheets

How Many?

You will be prompted for how many unique Bingo boards you want to have created. The list will be randomized and 25 options will be selected. (24 if you choose the free space option.) A tab for each unique Bingo board will be added. See this sample. Notice the 20 tabs along the bottom for each Bingo option.

The Bingo Boards are intended to be printed on paper in portrait. Use Control P to print. Notice the print options in the sidebar of the print preview. The default is “Current sheet.” Change that to “Workbook.” You can deselect the sheet of the list of words when you print. The default is Landscape. Click “Portrait.”

Printing Google Sheets select to print the workbook and to print in portrait.

Have Fun with a Bingo Ice Breaker

Bingo is a fun way to get to know others in the room. It gets students or participants up out of their seat and asks them to talk to and learn about others. There are a lot of great opportunities to use this Bingo Board Add-on. I hope you have fun using it!

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