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Create a Choice Board from Bingo Add-on

I have an Add-on (not available in the marketplace) to quickly create a unique bingo board for each student. Use the Bingo template to create a unique choice board per student. Tell students to choose 5 in a row from the choice board to make Bingo! The Add-on randomizes your choices for each student and creates a different choice board each time.

Alice Keeler Add-ons

I create Add-ons, most of which are not available in the G Suite Marketplace. To access the Add-ons you will need to go to my link (in this case alicekeeler.com/bingo) which will prompt you to make a copy of the spreadsheet and wait about a minute for the code to load in the spreadsheet. Look for the Bingo menu in the Add-ons menu. You will be prompted to authorize the code. I personally coded this, it is safe. Remember you made a copy of the code so you are considered the owner of the code, the authorization is asking you for your own permission to your own spreadsheets in Google Drive.

Use the Bingo menu to get started


From the menu choose “setUp.” This will insert a sheet with 25 checkboxes.

You will need a minimum of 25 choices for your Bingo choice board.

Create a list of choices for the students to do in column B. This is a Google Sheets spreadsheet, which means it is collaborative! You may want to share the spreadsheet with another teacher and you brainstorm together choices.

Uncheck Choices

By default the choices are checked. If you start by brainstorming your list of choices and decide that you do not like some of the choices, uncheck the checkbox next to it. Any choices unchecked will not be included in the choice board.

Make Additional Choices

In a regular choice board all students have the same choice board. Using this Bingo template to create your choice board will result in each student having a different choice board. Create greater variability by having more than 25 choices. Continue creating your choice list down column B. Use the Add-on menu to “Insert Checkboxes.” The Bingo Add-on will automatically detect how many choices you have listed and create a checkbox for the additional choices.

Set the Title

Notice on the list tab that cells C1 and D1 are highlighted Green. Replace the word “Title” with what you would like to title each choice board as. The Bingo choice boards have a spot on them for name and a spot for “Other.” Replace the word “Other” in D1 to customize the Bingo board. Do not type underneath, delete the word Title and put your text right in cell C1.

C1 and D1 you can replace the text.

Make Bingo Sheets

Once you’ve made a list of at least 25 choices use the Add-on menu to “Make Bingo Sheets.” You will be prompted for how many unique Bingo boards you want to create. This will randomize the list of choices and create a 5×5 grid of the choices. For each board, the list is randomized and created, resulting in a different choice board for each student.

Share Choice Boards

Use Control P to print the boards. In the Print settings make sure it is set to “Portrait” since the default is probably “Landscape.”

Share Digital Copies

In the webinar video where I show you how to create the Bingo choice boards I realized that the titles do not export very well if you copy a tab to a new spreadsheet. I have fixed this. The menu now has an option “Make Individual.” This will take each unique choice board and copy it to a new spreadsheet. If you change the names of the tabs from “Bingo 1” to a students name this would be how you can put the students name on the individual spreadsheets. The copies to inherit the title of the spreadsheet so I would recommend renaming the spreadsheet from “Copy of Bingo Template By Alice Keeler” to something without my name 🙂

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