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Google Slides: Add a Slide per Student

Assign each student a slide and get all student into the same Google Slides. This unofficial add-on by Alice Keeler allows you to Add a Slide per Student
Google Slides: Add a Slide per Student
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One of my favorite things is to have all students on the same ONE Google Slides. This allows me to see all student work together in real time. To initiate class discussions around student work and student ideas. To do feedback NOW with the students rather than me doing feedback by myself where I hope they read it.

Roster to Slides

My Unofficial Add-on creates a Google Slides with the students names on a slide and a workspace slide. This helps you with doing JigSaw activities where students present their part of the overall project.


You can not get the template in the marketplace, you must make a copy of my template:

You will be prompted to make a copy of the spreadsheet. Wait up to a minute for the Add-on menu to show “Roster to Slides.”

Doc to Slides

In addition to the unofficial Add-on, I have also incorporated Roster Slides into the official Doc to Slides Add-on and Roster Extras for Schoolytics Add-on.


Click on the Add-on menu and choose “Setup” from “Roster to Slides.”

Note: You may need to do this twice. Authorizing may override showing the setup.

Paste Your Roster

In column A put student names. Optionally you can put last names in column B. This is there if your pasted roster has them separated it will still work.

Create Slides

After pasting your roster of student names, go back to the Add-on menu and “Create Slides.”

Let the Add-on run. It just takes a minute for it to generate new Slides. Wait for a pop up to indicate that the Slides are created.

The link in the pop up is not a live link, but you can highlight the link and copy it to your clipboard (Control C). Open a new tab (Control T) and paste (Control V) to open the Slides. Alternatively, go to Google Drive and click on “Recent.”

Note that you do need to close the pop up box before the names populate on the Google Slides.

Green Slide per Student

A slide with a green background should have been created for each student, followed by a white background blank slide per student.

Tip: Click on the 2 by 3 grid in the bottom left corner to see grid view of all the student slides.

Modify the Template

To change the font size, color, type or make other changes use the View menu and choose “Master.”

Note that because the code adds the green background this will override background changes. Tip to add a rectangle over the background of the layout master to change all green slides at once.

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