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Free Illustrative Math in GeoGebra

GeoGebra is 100% FREE

Use Illustrative Math Curriculum

Illustrative Mathematics is a free, creative commons OER math curriculum that takes a more modern approach to how we teach mathematics.

GeoGebra has taken the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and kicked it up a notch….FOR FREE.

Preview High School Curriculum

This free curriculum is available in GeoGebra for grades 6 – 8 and High School Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II.

Start by going to

How to Get Started

Choose Middle School or High School.

Select the course and unit. Click on “Student materials.” Sign into your Free GeoGebra account.

GeoGebra Classroom

GeoGebra Classroom is not like Google Classroom, instead it allows you to create a session of the math lesson to allow you to interact with students. In the upper right hand corner is a button that says “Create Class.” This will initiate a class session that can be run synchronously or asynchronously.

Click the join link to copy and share with students.

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