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Google Draw Bookmark Template

This is not earth shattering, I resized the canvas in Google Draw: http://goo.gl/H6nqlO. After opening the blank template go to the File menu and make a copy. Either you can make bookmarks for students with important information you want to share with them, or you can have students use the template for projects. Print them on cardstock. Link to folder containing… Read More »Google Draw Bookmark Template

Using Flickr to Create Custom Backgrounds in Google Draw

By using a background student infographic projects can look really professional.  My first recommendation is to have students take their own pictures to use as backgrounds.  I like to take random pictures of objects to capture the texture or be at an angle where the object is not recognizable.  To create a community of sharer’s and to facilitate a conversation… Read More »Using Flickr to Create Custom Backgrounds in Google Draw

Infographic Technique: Text that Pops

Currently I am into creating infographics using Google Drawing.  This is an activity that students can do that is fun, forces them to think critically about how to best represent information, is collaborative, is free and does not require an additional account beyond their Google account. Previously I blogged about how to create opacity with a shape in Google Drawing.… Read More »Infographic Technique: Text that Pops

Opacity in Google Drawing

I very much like Google Draw.  It has the benefits that I love about Google Docs in general.  Using it with students is great because it is a simple program to not only let them easily create graphics for so many purposes, but can be shared with the teacher and other students for collaboration. A staple of graphic organizers is… Read More »Opacity in Google Drawing

Have Students Create Infographics Using Google Draw

For a presentation I am giving at the JEA/NSPA Spring National High School Journalism Convention April 26th, I needed to figure out how to do Infographics using Google tools.  I’ve long been a fan and user of Google Draw, but I have not tried to actually make an infographic before.  I found it surprisingly easy to make the necessary elements… Read More »Have Students Create Infographics Using Google Draw

Hey, how did you get that degree symbol in your Google?

Google text docs has an equation editor but no dice for Google Presentation or Google Draw.  (which by the way you can insert Google Draw into text doc, presentation and spreadsheet!) As a Geometry teacher I need my drawings to have the degree symbol and I’m tired of drawing the little circle and placing it. Do a Google search for… Read More »Hey, how did you get that degree symbol in your Google?

Assigning Problems with a QR code

If you want to assign each student a random question/prompt try this… Open a Google Doc http://docs.google.com Make the document public Make the document public on the web. Back in the document insert a drawing Create the prompt/question in Google Draw.  Even if your question/prompt is only text you want to create it in Google draw anyway. With this one… Read More »Assigning Problems with a QR code

Creating Graphics

I like to use www.quia.com for my mastery learning. I have hesitated wanting to teach Geometry because I like to do all my stuff digitally and the thought of making all those graphics was overwhelming…. Well, I am teaching Geometry this year.  And creating all of those graphics IS overwhelming. But I’ve figured out a way to make them relatively quickly.… Read More »Creating Graphics

Nudge with shift key in drawing

When I am drawing in PowerPoint or Google Presentation sometimes I need to nudge a shape over, but the arrow keys nudge it over too much. Hold down the shift key while using arrow keys and your object you are trying to move will move one pixel at a time to help you get precise placement. Another drawing trick is… Read More »Nudge with shift key in drawing