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Google Classroom with Kinder

Google Classroom in Transitional Kindergarten

Google Classroom allows for teachers to easily engage students of all ages with digital tools. Sometimes I am asked if Google Classroom can be used when teaching young kids. YES! There are many Kinder and 1st grade teachers using Google Classroom with their students. Consistently using the same tool to pass out and collect makes the process of using digital… Read More »Google Classroom in Transitional Kindergarten

3 Google Resources for Student Centered Writing by @shfarnsworth

3 Google Resources to Help Students Organize Information in a Student-Centered Writing Classroom  Guest Post by Shaelynn Farnsworth In a student-centered writing classroom, students may be in various stages in the writing process. To combat all of the organizational issues that may arise, it is important to equip students with not only the resources to aid in their endeavors, but… Read More »3 Google Resources for Student Centered Writing by @shfarnsworth

Have Students Create Meme’s in Google Drawing

How does your current lesson/assignment reflect the students you currently have? Does it reflect the interest of the students on this years roster? What is hot in popular culture that you can capture for learning? If your students are into sharing meme’s, let them share meme’s about your math class! Meme’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. people love to share meme’s. Meme’s… Read More »Have Students Create Meme’s in Google Drawing

Connected Educator Game

For my class I am taking I was asked to visually represent Connectivism, Communities of Practice (CoP), and Personal Learning Environments (PLE). For this activity I created a board game prototype to allow you to move around the board as you engage with the images. To play the game, make a copy of the game board. Use the Add-On menu… Read More »Connected Educator Game

5 ADVANCED Google Apps Challenges.

Earlier I posted 5 challenges for each of the 5 Google Docs options in Google Drive. These were for teachers new to Google Docs. Here are 5 more challenges for the more practiced users. Link to Slides presentation

6 Google Tips – Infographic

  Click Here to link to the Google Drawing. Please feel free to use this graphic in trainings with teachers and students. Please do not publish the graphic to your blog or other public sites.

Google Draw and Slides: Tips for Creating Templates

The drawing features in Google Draw and Slides allow you to create templates for your students to manipulate. Create math manipulatives, annotate maps, Venn diagrams, model their understanding of concepts, and more. Here are some tips to help you to create the templates. When students are manipulating one template, use Google Drawing. If you want them to model multiple things… Read More »Google Draw and Slides: Tips for Creating Templates

Google Forms: Submitting Drawings

In Google Forms you may want to ask students a question that requires a visual answer. Google Forms limits student responses to text submissions. Google Drawings allow students to draw and model their learning, work collaboratively with images, create projects and provide evidence of their work. Using Google Drawings as an assignment for students can allow for easy assessment if you try these… Read More »Google Forms: Submitting Drawings

6 Steps to Teaching Students to Search

Please feel free to use this resource with students or in teacher trainings. Please do not republish to your blog. Link to Google Drawing: https://goo.gl/LlCgQ5 New Literacy The new literacy is to teach students how to search. Rather than giving students answers, we ask really good questions. Students then use advanced search techniques to find the answers. Most important is then…… Read More »6 Steps to Teaching Students to Search

Google Draw: Tips for Making Mind Maps

@learnwithmsm uses Google Drawings to make Mind Maps with her 2nd and 3rd graders. The drawing above provides a few tips for students to help them create Mind Maps. Link to Google Drawing: http://goo.gl/x2yqxV

Sharing a Google Drawing

I love using Google Drawing and so does @gormang. It is perfect for making posters, graphics, virtual manipulatives, certificates, infographics, and more. Google Drawing is collaborative just like the other Google Docs so more than one person can create the drawing at the same time. The process for sharing a Google Drawing is the same as for any other document. Create… Read More »Sharing a Google Drawing