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5 Google Apps Templates for Kindergarten

5 Google Apps templates for kindergarten
5 Google Apps Templates for Kindergarten
5 Google Apps templates for kindergarten. Kindergarten Google Apps

Google Classroom makes it easier to use Google Apps with younger grades. Create a copy of the templates below, adjust the title and make tweaks to the template to suit your learning objective. In Google Classroom create an assignment and click on the Google Drive icon to add the template. Change the default from “Students can view the file” to “Make a copy for each student.”

5 Google Apps Templates to use with Kindergarteners

1. Drag and Sort

This template in Google Slides allows students to sort shapes. The shapes are around the edge of the slide. Students drag the shape onto the slide canvas. Students can choose to sort by color, by size or by shape.


Google Slides drag shapes from the edge to the canvas
Template idea created by Christine Pinto, TK teacher.

2. Pixel Art

Use Google Sheets to have students practice numbers and create images. Typing single digit numbers into the cells of the spreadsheet fills the cell with color.


Making A Creeper on Google Sheets

Teach students about tabs in a spreadsheet. This template allows students to use the 2nd tab to create an image using the letters of the alphabet.


3. Numbers

This Google Slides template allows students to insert shapes of their choice to represent the numbers on the slide. By default, the numbers are in sequential order. Shuffle or delete numbered slides as needed.

Add Shapes to slides

This template has slide layouts from 1 to 10.


The slide layouts are the numbers one to 10. Click on the arrow next to the plus icon to add a specific number to the Google Slides. If a student makes a mistake on one of  the numbers, simply insert a new slide for that number to allow the student to try again.

Add additional slides with layouts from one to 10

This template continues the number practice up to 20.


4. Counting

This Google Draw template allows young children to drag a bear into


Drag the bears from off sides of the canvas to inside the circle

5. Picture and Sentence

This Google Slides template allows students to create a picture or insert a picture. When using a tablet, the students can use the voice typing capabilities to describe their picture.

Add a picture and a sentence to the slide

Have students add additional slides to the template to create multiple pictures and sentences.


Google Classroom and Google Apps with TK and Kinder

Thank you to Christine Pinto for helping design these templates. Christine teaches transitional Kindergarten and is using Google Classroom and Google Apps with her students.

Contribute tips for using Google Classroom and Google Apps with young children to the form on this previous blog post. The spreadsheet of tips is linked to in the blog post and also embedded.

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  1. Hi! I just commented on another post but also have a question about the drag and sort template here. It is awesome!! I think I can use it in my Spanish 2 class for an upcoming concept. Do you have a tutorial on how you made this specific template? THANKS! Your site is WONDERFUL!!

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