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Google Draw: Create a Drawing Template

Google Draw: Create a Drawing Template

Google Drawing Create a Template

You might be surprised how many of the graphics on my website are created using Google Draw! For this blog I need a 300×300 pixel drawing canvas for the image for each post. Twitter only shows the middle section of a graphic so I need to consider how to create an image that accommodates both my blog image and Twitter. A lot of what I blog is about Google and I need the Google images to be easy to grab. I created a template in Google Drawing that is the right size, has images “off canvas” so I can easily drag them onto the drawing and has guidelines for what is viewable on Twitter.

You probably have graphic organizers or have requirements that you need for a drawing that you are constantly having to set each time you create something.



Google Draw

In Google Drive use the “New” button to create a Google Drawing.

Drawing Canvas

The default drawing canvas is approximately the size of a piece of paper. I need something a lot smaller. Use the File menu to choose “Page setup.” Change from “Standard” size to “Custom.” Since I am making an image for the web, I prefer to use pixels instead of inches. I change the size to 300 pixels by 300 pixels.
Resize Draw Canvas

White Background

Possibly you want a colored background. Right click on the canvas to choose “Background.” Change the background from transparent to white or the desired color.


If you have graphics that you use frequently use place them “off canvas.” Placing the images to the sides of the drawing allows you to easily drag them onto the canvas when you need them. You can also place default text boxes on the drawing. I placed a textbox at the top and bottom of my graphic that has a larger font and is centered both horizontally and vertically. This makes for less edits when I make a new graphic.

Create a Template

The purpose of setting up the Google Drawing this way is to reuse it over and over. At the end of the URL it says /edit. Change this to /copy.



Change to


The URL with the /copy at the end will prompt making a copy. Copy this URL and use a URL shortener such as http://tinyurl.com. Each time you need to create a similar graphic you simply go to your shortened URL and are asked to make a copy.

Using the Template

Go to the short URL you created from the /copy URL. This will prompt you to make a copy of your template. Drag your icons that you want to use from off canvas to on canvas. After designing your image or graphic organizer there is no need to delete the extra icons that are off canvas. They are not viewable when published and they are not viewable when downloaded. Use the File menu to “Download as” PNG or whatever file type you desire.

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