I am a fan of Google Drawing. While it does not have all of the features of Adobe Illustrator, I am able to create quite a bit with it. What I especially like about Google Draw is that it is collaborative and the drawings are in my Google Drive with the rest of my documents.

Unfortunately, Google Docs, Sheets or Slides do not allow for inserting a Google Drawing. You are able to insert->drawing and create a new drawing, but you are not able to simply access your Google Drive and insert the drawings you already have.

If you have a Google Drawing, the first thing you want to do is File->Publish to the Web

Once you start publishing there is a document link and an embed code. Copy the document link.

In your Google Slides presentation go to the insert menu and choose image.

On the left side is an option to insert image “By URL.” This will allow you paste your Google Draw document link into the URL box.

The inserted image can be resized if needed.

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