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Insert Google Drive videos into Google Slides

google Drive video in Google Slides
Insert Google Drive videos into Google Slides

Insert Google Drive videos into Google Slides

Google Slides just got a little more awesome today. Only being able to insert YouTube videos into Google Slides is obviously a problem for many schools. You can now insert a video from Google Drive into Google Slides.

Short Clips

You should NOT embed a super long video into a presentation. I usually go for seconds. Like 4 seconds to maybe 30. It better be dang entertaining to push a minute. Inserting YouTube videos inserts the WHOLE videos. Inserting a video from Google Slides will allow you to choose the start and end time.

4 thoughts on “Insert Google Drive videos into Google Slides

  1. Our school district has blocked YouTube videos for the elementary grades and I was looking for a work around. I wish this embed feature would block the source of the video so that students could watch the video if it was assigned by the teacher in classroom or on a slide/doc. As it stands right now the minute the device recognizes that a student is trying to watch an assigned YouTube video it will not play. Is there a workaround for this problem for schools?

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