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Assigning Problems with a QR code

Assigning Problems with a QR code

If you want to assign each student a random question/prompt try this…

  • Open a Google Doc http://docs.google.com
  • Make the document public

  • Make the document public on the web.
  • Back in the document insert a drawing
  • Create the prompt/question in Google Draw.  Even if your question/prompt is only text you want to create it in Google draw anyway.
  • With this one question I can click on the drawing in the document and copy paste. This allows me to change the question… slightly… so I have different versions of the question.
  • Publish the document to the web.
  • After publishing you are given a URL to the published document.  Copy this URL and paste it into a new window.
  • For each picture you want to right click on the image and copy the image URL (address).
  • Paste this URL into your QR code creator for each image.
  • Distribute QR codes to students randomly.

What you end up with is a quick way to make images and get the image URL from multiple images from one published webpage. This also gives you a document you can refer back to to see the questions.

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