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Using Google Presentation to Create Multiple QR Codes

Using Google Presentation to Create Multiple QR Codes

alice keeler

Here is an idea for using QR codes. You can hand out project ideas or anticipatory set randomly to students by giving them a QR code.

  • Assign each student a math problem to work out, QR code links to problem.
  • Assign each student an image from the web and this is what their project is about.
  • Create a Google site with a page per subtopic on a larger topic. Assign each student a subtopic, QR code links to their subpage.
  • Each QR code is a clue. Give each student a clue that they can use to work together to solve a larger puzzle.
Here is how I create multiple QR codes
  • Take the URL that the student will be linking to and paste it into http://goo.gl
  • Once you create a shortened URL click on the details link
    details goo.gl qr code
  • You might have to scroll up a little, you will see a QR code automatically created.
  • Right click on the QR code and copy the image URL. (Note, different browsers say different things such as copy image address).
  • Open a Google Presentation (http://docs.google.com)
  • Choose a blank template
  • In the insert menu choose to insert an image
  • Insert by URL
  • Resize the small QR code to fill up the slide (hint: hold down the shift key while resizing to constrain proportions).
  • Insert a text box near the QR code if you want to number the QR code (do not touch the QR code with the text) or if you want to put some instructions near the QR code.
  • Add another slide by clicking on the rectangle with a plus sign on it.
  • Remember to choose a blank template.
  • Repeat with getting a URL, putting into goo.gl, clicking on details, right click on the QR code and copying the image URL, inserting an image by URL into the Google Presentation.
  • Once you have multiple slides in your presentation that have QR codes, go to the file menu and download as->PDF
  • Use your printer settings to print 4, 9 or 16 QR codes to a page. This lets you save paper…and if you want you also have a QR code presentation that you can just display on your LCD projector.

For more QR code ideas visit https://alicekeeler.com/qr
alice keeler

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