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Creating Geometry Drawings with Google Draw

Creating Geometry Drawings with Google Draw

I like to use Quia a lot for student practice. When I taught Algebra this was very efficient as I mostly had to type the questions.  The problem with Geometry is it has so many darn pictures!

Here is how I get images into Quia (or any other place that I would want to put pictures).

First go to google docs and create a new drawing

Then rename your drawing by clicking on where it says untitled drawing in the upper left hand corner.

Draw your image using the drawing tools

Switch to the arrow tool and move your drawing to the upper left hand corner.

In the bottom right corner is a little triangle that you can grab to resize the canvas.

The problem with resizing the canvas is it changes the size of your drawing, notice it is now huge.  The canvas is a piece of paper so if you make the canvas larger your drawing will be scaled so that it will print on a piece of paper.  If you make your canvas smaller it will resize the drawing so it will print out on a piece of paper. I do not actually want a huge drawing in my activity, but there is a way around this.

You now want to PUBLISH your drawing.  Note that you can do this at any time.  If you later go in and change your drawing the published drawing will AUTOMATICALLY be updated.

From the drop down list choose SMALL drawing so that when you link to the drawing it is a normal size and not huge.  Copy the embed code.  (note the embed code changes when you switch from medium to small so select the small size and then copy). 

You can then paste this embed code into any place that accepts html code.

You have one more step.  That image will only show up for you and anyone you shared the drawing with.  You want to click on the blue button in the upper right that says share with a lock on it.

Change to public on the web.



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