Coding Google Forms Workshop

Coding Google Forms Workshop Starts December 3rd You can code Google Forms with Google Apps Script. Google Forms are pretty amazing on their own but coding makes them even better. If you would like to learn how to code Google Forms, with an emphasis on increasing your...

Google Forms: One Form for All Periods

Do Not Make Copies The paradigm shift of using Google Apps is you do not make copies. Having multiple documents with the same name makes a mess of your Google Drive. You manage versions. However, with Google Forms there is no version history. If you are a teacher of...

Google Forms Column to Google Slides

Send a Column of Responses from Google Forms to Google Slides Google Forms is awesome but can be tricky to go over responses with the class. I coded an Add-on for Google Sheets that will allow you to select a column of responses from a Google Form and send those...

Online Workshop

Online Go Slow Workshop
*Jan 7: Google Classroom Tips and Tricks
*Jan 14: Intro to Google Forms

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