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Link to Resources in the About Link

The About tab in Google Classroom is no longer. Instead, you want to create a topic on the Classwork page for About/Resources. Add assignments to the About/Resources that are ungraded without a due date.
Add an assignment without a due date

Copy Link

Once published, you can copy the link to the About section of your Classwork page. On the topic stripe (NOT the assignment stripe) click on the 3 dots and choose “Copy link.”
Copy link to the About topic

Settings Cog

At the top is the settings cog. This allows you to provide a class description that is displayed on the About link in the header. In the class description paste the link
Settings Cog

Paste link to the about resources

About Link

In the header on the Stream for both the teacher and the student is an About link. The About link displays the class title and the class description. For teachers it also contains the class code.
About link

The About link displays the class title and the class description. For teachers, it also contains the class code. The link to the About/Resources topic is a live link. Clicking on the link takes the students to the Classwork page and jumps to the About/Resources section. In other words, if the topic is at the bottom of the Classwork page, they will not have scroll, they will go right to that section.
Live link to about resources

A Game-Changing Approach to a Back to School Syllabus by @MeehanEDU

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