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Google Classroom: Keep Materials in the Class Folder

Google Classroom Save Files in Class Folder

Place Class Materials in Class Folder I am co-teaching a class using Google Classroom. We have several planning documents that we are collaborating on. A good place to keep these files is in the class folder in Google Drive created by Google Classroom. About Tab The About tab in Google Classroom allows you to add […]

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11 Tips When You’re New to Google Apps for Education

Getting Started with Google Apps

Essential Getting Started with Google Apps Google Apps for Education (GAfE) encompasses several products. Typically this starts with a branded Gmail account, specific to your school district. If email is turned off the account sign in appears to be an email address on the schools domain, but is used only for accessing other Google products. […]

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Google Drive: Locate That File in the Breadcrumbs

search breadcrumbs in google drive alice keeler

Search for Files in Google Drive When searching for files in Google Drive it can be desirable to locate the folder that file is in. A new feature in Google Drive allows you to easily see where a file is located. Breadcrumbs After entering search terms at the top of Google Drive produces breadcrumbs at […]

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Google Drive: Search and Locate the Location

Google Drive locate files

One of the best features of Google Drive is the ability to search for files. After I conduct the search I frequently want to see files related to the search. Locate Google Drive File Single click select the file, click on the more options icon (3 dots) and use the locate (magnifying glass) icon to […]

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Drive20 Chrome Extension

Drive 20 Chrome Extension icon

I commissioned the creation of a Chrome extension that will open 20 Google Drive files all at once. Why might you ask? When providing feedback on student work, double clicking on 20 files can be time-consuming. Since feedback faster is my mantra, Drive20 can help me do that. Chrome Extension tinyurl.com/drive20 Click the Icon To […]

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Google Drive: Filter Is:Starred

My tip for creating teacher documents is to star your originals. This is particularly helpful if you are using Google Classroom since student work is titled the same as your original documents. You can star your Google Documents by clicking on the star icon to the right of the document name in the document. From […]

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Google Drive Level Up Challenge

Part of my lesson for this week is to introduce my students to Google Drive. Some of the students are adept at tech skills and others struggle with highlighting text. To help differentiate for the variety of Google Drive knowledge, I created a challenge list the students can choose from. The students choose the challenges […]

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Google Classroom: 8 Steps Workflow to Create Files [Infographic]

There is nothing magical about the Google Classroom folders in Google Drive. You are able to add documents to the files without messing up Google Classroom. Note that any files added to the Google Classroom folder are NOT synced with Google Classroom. Placing files into the Classroom folder can be a convenient filing system. Classroom […]

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Google Classroom: Find Student Files in Google Drive

One of my favorite features about Google Classroom is that it is Google Drive Management (GDM). When students submit work it is stored neatly in an assignment folder in Google Drive. Oftentimes I prefer to locate documents directly in Google Drive rather than opening from Google Classroom. On my phone, finding student work from the […]

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Google Drive: Shift S

Start with Google Drive. Instead of using the “New” button to create a Google Sheets spreadsheet, hold down the Shift key and press S to magically launch a new Sheets in a new tab.

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Create a Google Drive Folder for Each Student

A teacher was having her students work on an ongoing project where the students would save multiple documents to a folder in Google Drive. To make this process easier, I wrote a Google Apps Script file to automatically create and share the folders with the students. Template alicekeeler.com/makefolders Directions The template above will prompt you to […]

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Paper Does Not Have a Keyword Search

Let us pretend my children (I have 5) are super organized and all their papers from school are hole punched, indexed in a binder with dividers, properly titled, and filed by date. Even in this perfect scenario the binder of papers does not allow for a keyword search. Google Drive does. Entire Document At the […]

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Google Classroom: Workflow for Creating Documents

Google Classroom makes it really easy to distribute documents to students. When attaching a template in Google Classroom as “Make a copy for each student” a document is created for each student with the same document title and appends the students name onto the title. The problem comes when you go to Google Drive and […]

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Google Classroom: Locate Documents for Multiple Classes

In Google Classroom when you create an assignment where students submit work a folder is created in Google Drive. If you assign the same assignment to multiple sections, a folder will be created for each section.  A feature of Google Classroom that I really like is that all the work students submit through Google Classroom are […]

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