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Google Drive: Shared With Me is a Filter

Google Drive Shared With Me Filter Not Folder

Shared With Me is Not a Folder

When I go to Google Drive I am quick to click on 2 things. Recent and Shared With Me. Neither of these is a folder. You can not organize them. They are quick access to the files you might be looking for.
Shared with Me


G Suite is designed for collaboration. Shared with me makes it uncomplicated to get people on the same page. “Hey man, I shared a document with you.” is all that needs to be said. Go to Google Drive and click on “Shared With Me” on the left-hand side. Hopefully, you see it right away and you can double click on the file and start collaborating.

Organize Files

Again, the Shared With Me is NOT a folder. If you want to organize the files into a folder you need to first click on the “Add to My Drive” icon in the toolbar.
Add to My Drive

This will put the file into “My Drive.” If you want it in a specific folder you will need to click on “Organize” to choose the folder.
My Drive folder

View Activity

Click on the i icon in the toolbar (or press i on the keyboard) to view activity about the document. Make sure you have single clicked on the document you want information on.
info pane



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