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Google Classroom: STAR Your Originals in Google Drive

Google Classroom star your originals

Star Drive Files

Google Classroom allows you to collect digital student work… into YOUR Google Drive. When you “Make a copy for each student” you now have 31 to 201 copies of the exact same file name in Google Drive. When you search Google Drive you can filter your files by Starred so only the “good stuff” comes up instead of all the student files you collected.
Files with the same name

Keyboard Shortcut

Single click on the file in Google Drive and press S.
Star your originals by pressing s

Star the original

In the Document

Next to the file title is the ability to star the document. As you are creating your documents, click on the star.
Click on the star in the document

Filter for Starred in Google Classroom

When adding files from Google Drive to Google Classroom notice there is a tab for “Starred.”
Starred files

Manually Filter

When searching Google Drive when adding files to a Google Classroom assignment you can add is:starred into the search box to only return results that are starred.
Type is:starred

Star Files Shared with You

If a fellow teacher has a cool file that is starred and they share it with you, it is NOT starred in YOUR Google Drive. You get to choose what is starred in your own Drive. Make a point of starring any files shared with you that you might want to use in Google Classroom.

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