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Jamboard is a google apps file

Jamboard is a Google Apps File

Find and Access Your Jams in Google Drive Did you know you can create a collaborative space with the Jamboard software? This is a Google tool. A Jam is a document file that you can find in your Google Drive just like any Google Doc, Sheets, or Slides. Jamboard is really intuitive to use. Jamboard Go to jamboard.google.com to create… Read More »Jamboard is a Google Apps File

Today You will KEEP


Google Keep is Amazing What note keeping app let’s you access from any device anywhere? GOOGLE KEEP! Don’t be stuck with notes on your phone! Essentially Google Keep is like digital Post It Notes, but GOOGLEY! So that means that searching notes and collaboration kicks it up a notch. Color Code Your Notes You can search by color. When creating… Read More »TODAY You Will KEEP