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Make a Student Answer Sheet

See all student responses to multiple questions in one place! A Google Sheets spreadsheet is a document. If you can do it in a Google Text Document you can probably also do it in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. I like to say “The Answer is Always a Spreadsheet.” Incorporating spreadsheets into your class provides students with a valuable life skill.… Read More »Make a Student Answer Sheet

Collaborate Better – Email Collaborators

If you use Google Docs, Sheets or Slides you are probably sharing your documents with someone. Collaboration is what makes modern document creation amazing. No longer is one person responsible for adding content to a document, multiple people can edit and review a document. This can be done synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronous Collaboration Synchronous collaboration would occur when you are… Read More »Collaborate Better – Email Collaborators

Google Forms: Adding Sections

You probably are not in the habit of creating sections in a Google Form but I would recommend you use sections often. Create Pages Think of sections like pages. If you have a lot of questions you want to break it up into pages. Last Icon on the Toolbar When adding questions to your Google Form, which is the first… Read More »Google Forms: Adding Sections

spreadsheet checklist

Free Checklist Template – Google Sheets

Google Sheets is great for creating a checklist in. You can share the spreadsheet with others to check off tasks. You can sort and filter your checklist. I created template that allows you to create your checklist and when you check off the items the checkbox turns green and the item on the sheet greys out. Template

Duplicate Objects in GeoGebra

GeoGebra is an excellent way to let students explore math concepts. GeoGebra is great for grades K – college. When creating elements in a GeoGebra applet you will need to be able to duplicate objects. Tim Brzezinzski, the GeoGebra expert, helps me, Victoria Thompson, and Chris Brownell explore duplicating (and other things) in GeoGebra. Sign Into GeoGebra I sign into… Read More »Duplicate Objects in GeoGebra

Essential Google Apps: Anyone With the Link Can View

Recently Google has updated the interface for how to share documents. By default documents you create are private. Changing the settings then defaults to sharing at your school. To allow parents and those outside of your domain to see your documents you need to take an additional step. Share Button In Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings there is a Share… Read More »Essential Google Apps: Anyone With the Link Can View