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EOY: Version History is Your Bestie

End of Year… clean up your Google Drive files by naming versions! One of the great things about using Google Apps in Google Workspace is the paradigm shift of not needing to make copies.

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Star Your Originals for a Clean Drive

Tip: STAR YOUR ORIGINALS! In Google Drive, single click on the file title and press S to star the file. This makes it a lot easier to find your documents, instead of student work, next year. Filter your Google Drive for files that are starred, this will remove from view all student work and non important documents keeping your Drive clean and organized.

Name the Version History

In Google Jamboard, Slides, Docs, Sheets you can view the edits and revert back to a previous version, rather than needing to keep multiple copies for a clean Google Drive. Use the File menu to select “Version history.” In Google Jamboard click on the 3 dots menu in the upper right.

Version history sidebar - rename version to "Template" for a clean drive

Click on the date titles in the right side panel. This will allow you to see the way the document looked at that day and time.

Double Click on the date stamp to rename to something meaningful.

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Rename to Template

Which version do I want to use with students next year? I will usually rename that version to “Template” to allow me to make edits and “mess up” the file with students, but revert back to the clean version afterwards. Allowing me to reuse over and over. This allows me to keep my Google Drive clean and uncluttered with different versions, copies.

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