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Today You will KEEP
Today You Will KEEP

Google Keep is Amazing

What note keeping app let’s you access from any device anywhere? GOOGLE KEEP! Don’t be stuck with notes on your phone! Essentially Google Keep is like digital Post It Notes, but GOOGLEY! So that means that searching notes and collaboration kicks it up a notch.

Color Code Your Notes

You can search by color. When creating a note choose a color for the note. I encourage you to have a conference color. When you go to a training or conference put all the notes and links into Google Keep. Search later by color to bring up all the learning tidbits you want to remember.

Share a List

I love checklists in Google Keep. My non teaching application is to create a grocery list in Google Keep with the checkboxes. I click the share icon in the bottom left and share with my husband. He goes to the store. He easily finds the list in his Google Keep. I can see him checking off the items as he picks them up in the store. I of course continue to add to the shopping list, while he is at the store, with things I forgot to put on the list. He gets the updates in real time.

Grocery list in Google Keep

Who doesn’t need a checklist when they are teaching? Which students returned their permissions slips? On a field trip, make a Google Keep note with all the student names. Check them off as they get on the bus. Uncheck them as they get off the bus.

Use Hashtags and Labels

Google Keep is easy to search. It helps if you use hashtags and labels. When you use a hashtag it automatically creates a label. No need to search a list of labels. Click on the left hand side to filter for your labels or type the label at the top in the search box.

Leave Student Feedback

You can share a note with an individual student. Leave them some checkboxes of things they need to work on for their project. Be warned, there is no version history so if the student deletes your note to them or alters it you can not get it back.

Record Your Note

FROM THE APP (not online version) you can leave a voice memo into the note. In addition to recording the audio in the note, it will automatically transcribe it.

3 Dots Make You Curious

[tweet]If you ever see 3 dots, this is the more options menu. ALWAYS CLICK ON 3 DOTS! [/tweet]

Add a Drawing

Under the 3 dots menu is the option to add a drawing to your Google Keep note. You have infinite space.

Add a drawing to your note.

Insert into Google Docs

In the margin of Google Docs and Google Slides is the Google Keep icon. Click on it to reveal your notes. Literally DRAG the notes onto the document or slides. This is an easy way to add feedback to student documents/slides without having to type them each time.

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