Recently Google has updated the interface for how to share documents. By default documents you create are private. Changing the settings then defaults to sharing at your school. To allow parents and those outside of your domain to see your documents you need to take an additional step.

Share Button

In Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings there is a Share button in the upper right of the document.

share button is privet to only me

Change Link

Notice that when you click on the Share button, in the Get link section, it says “Restricted.” Below that is “Change link to…” and it should show your school. Click on “Change link.”

change link to your school

Change the Building to a World

Notice the icon right that looks like a building. This indicates that the document is only shared on your domain, people at your school. You will need to click on the school name (notice the tiny triangle).

building = your school

Change to Anyone with the Link

Clicking on the school name, tiny triangle, will give you a menu of options for the viewing permissions. Select the bottom option “Anyone with the link.” This should change the icon from a building to a world icon.

Copy Link

If you would like to share the document with parents, or others outside of your school, click on “Copy link” to copy the link to your clipboard.

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