iPads & Google Classroom – Multi-User Device

  By Jon Corippo iPads in general are not multi-user devices. Using the Google Classroom app an iPad can be shared amongst students. Sign Out The key to using Google Classroom on an iPad with multiple students is teaching the students to make sure they sign out...

iPad in Physical Education Bootcamp

I believe Physical Education is an important part of schools. Being an expert in EdTech, I will occasionally encounter a comment along the lines of “You can not use technology in PE.” I know many excellent PE teachers who are not only using technology in...

Instructional Video Tips with Dave Mulder

Thank you to Dave Mulder for allowing me to share his playlist of videos. Dave is sharing some great tips on discussion boards in an online class.  In addition to interesting content, Dave did a great job creating the video. Here are some tips for making videos like...

Set Up an iPad Without a Credit Card

At a math conference where the teachers were handed iPads, one teacher did not want to set up her iPad with a Credit Card. It seemed that we have to enter either a credit card number or put in a gift card. However, she did not want to do either. Thank you to @techcoor...

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