By Holly Clark

Digital workflow has long been a problem for those trying to incorporate digital products into their classrooms. That was until Google Apps for Education came along and started making things more collaborative and turning in work in became easier with the use of shared folders.


Then in August, Google Classroom came out and teachers everywhere have been rejoicing! Its easy to use, makes Google Apps for Education almost seamless to use and it helps students organize themselves.


Thankfully on the iPads Safari has made accessing Google Classroom possible, but the new iPad app opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
Special Features:

  • Photo Assignments – which are easily uploaded via the Camera Roll
  • Upload Screencasts and Videos – now apps that use either the Camera Roll (like iMovie) or allow for uploading into
  • Google Drive (like Explain Everything) can now easily be collected and accessed from the Google Classroom Folder


Guest Blog Post by Holly Clark

Originally posted on the EdTechTeam Blog

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