I believe Physical Education is an important part of schools. Being an expert in EdTech, I will occasionally encounter a comment along the lines of “You can not use technology in PE.” I know many excellent PE teachers who are not only using technology in their classes, but are doing amazing things with it.

Fellow Google Certified Teacher, Jarrod from Australia, has an amazing website (https://thepegeek.com) with uses for technology in the Physical Education classroom. Jarrod has been a big help to me on several occasions. He is also the creator of the Move-It Chrome extension that I use everyday. You can follow Jarrod on Twitter @mrrobbo.


The PE Geek is offering a FREE bootcamp in using iPads in PE. You can sign up by going to the PE Geek website: https://thepegeek.com/2013/10/the-ipads-in-pe-bootcamp/

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