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Blek Game – Learn by Failure

Blek Game – Learn by Failure

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Recently I downloaded the Blek game onto my iOS device (android is coming). I have really enjoyed playing this game due to it’s unique gameplay. The objective is to draw a pattern with an ink line and to hit all of the colored dots. The pattern you draw loops infinitely. The line will bounce off of the sides. The top and bottom of the screen does not bounce.

blek level 2

This game is incredibly well designed and easy to use. This is not the only reason I would recommend playing the game, I would like to have my students play this game. Geometrically it is interesting to see how your pattern repeats on itself. For non math applications, the game requires outside of the box solutions. The solution that each student uses for each level can be completely different from other students.

I want my students to use critical thinking and creativity in their assignments. Rather than giving a step by step recipe for how to complete a project I am moving towards giving students a challenge and letting them figure out how to solve the challenge. I have found some students have a hard time with this when they are use to having a very specific rubric and directions. Playing a game like Blek with the students helps them to find success through failure, and know that is part of the process. To look for creative solutions when it is not working. To persevere.

I find that when I finally am successful, uncontrollable fist pumping occurs. When I use creativity to solve a real challenge, the sense of accomplishment is so much greater than when I figure out someone else’s solution.


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