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Draw Your Slides with Paper 53

Draw Your Slides with Paper 53


Slide Background Using Paper 53
Slide Background Using Paper 53

Recently Kids Discover posted my article on 5 Tips for Better Presentation Slides. One of the suggestions I gave was to draw your own slides in Paper 53. This helps you to ensure that you have the perfect image to go along with your message, and your presentation looks unique.

Amy Burvall

Amy Burvall does an amazing job of this. She shares many of her fantastic presentation slides on Twitter. You can find her @amyburvall 
Amy Burvall Slide
See more of her slides at http://slideshare.net/amyburvall

Check out Amy’s TEDx video.
Amy has an amazing collection of history music videos that you should check out.

Do Not Be Perfect

One thing that is nice about Paper 53 is the lack of ability to change the width of the pens. You get what you get. With less choices, you have permission to be messy. Personally, I like how they come out. Go ahead, color outside of the lines.

less complex concept smaller chalkboard computer image (13)

Purchase the Extras

The default version of Paper 53 has limited pens, go ahead and purchase all the extras. It is worth every penny.


Here is a tip I did not know at first. If you tap the plus button on a notebook you get a new page, but if you hold your finger down on the plus button you can DUPLICATE the drawing.

I will duplicate my drawing every so often before I add extra detail, makes it easier if I do not like what I added.

Drag a Color

A tip I learned from Amy Burvall, you can change the slide background color by holding down one of the color circles and dragging it onto the canvas. Be warned, it erases everything so do this first.


If you hold two fingers down on the screen and and turn them in a counterclockwise position you can undo your strokes. It is a little tricky, usually I start by drawing counterclockwise circles that then will be undone once I get the rewind function working.

Email the Slides

I get the images onto my presentations by emailing myself the drawings and then using them as the background in my presentation software.

Directions by @Braddo

Brad Ovenell-Carter posted on Twitter his guide to making a slidedeck with Paper 53. Click Here to access it.


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2 thoughts on “Draw Your Slides with Paper 53

  1. After reading this a couple of months ago, I added the Paper 53 app and have made several drawings that I have used in my presentations. LOVE IT!!! They make those kind of generic slides pop with whatever I want. This is one of THE BEST apps! This combo of Paper 53 and Google Presentation slides is ROCK STAR awesome! Thanks for this post.

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