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iPad Keyboard Tips

iPad Keyboard Tips

Keyboard Tips for the iPad

Split the Keyboard

Split the Keyboard by placing your thumbs in the middle of the on screen keyboard and pulling your thumbs toward the edge of the iPad. You are making contact with the iPad the whole time.

You can move the keyboard up and down by holding your finger in the bottom right hand corner of the keyboard and dragging it up. This only works in split screen mode.

Use your thumbs to push the split keyboard back together.

iPad Keyboard

Caps Lock

Double tap the up arrow on the keyboard to turn the caps lock on. Tap the up arrow again to turn it off.
double tap caps lock

Degree Symbol

Hold down your finger on the zero key, you will find an option for the degree symbol.
zero key degree symbol

Apostrophe Key

Add an apostrophe by holding down the exclamation mark key.


The quotations symbol (“) is hiding under the question mark key. Hold your finger down on the question mark key until a menu option appears. Slide your finger up and choose it.


Add a Period

When you are ready to put a period at the end of the sentence tap the space bar two times. This will place a period and a space.

Add an Accent

If you are typing in a foreign language you can hold down on the a, e, i, o, u, c, n, z keys to display different accent mark options.


Foreign Money

Hold your finger down on the dollar sign to switch to the Euro or other money symbols. foreign money


Push Buttons

Many of they keys have hidden options. Try holding your finger down on the keys to see what options show up 🙂

hold finger down



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