Google Classroom: Announce Your Agenda

Post Your Agenda to the Stream In Google Classroom the landing page for your class is the Stream. This is where you can post announcements and where assignments are announced. One thing I want to eliminate is “What are we doing today?” One way to eliminate...

DELETE Google Classroom Classes

Delete Old Google Classroom Classes Before you delete old Google Classroom classes remember you can reuse assignments from old classes. One trick I do is have a class with no students; Assignment Repository. When I am assigning to my class and it’s an assignment...

10 G Suite Easter Eggs

10 Hidden Features of G Suite Not everything can be found in a menu. Here are 10 features of G Suite that you have to know to use. 1) Google Sites In Google Sites double click to reveal a wheel to insert content. Try making a Google Site by going to

Google Classroom: Click on the Topic

Click on the Topic on the Classwork Page A new feature in Google Classroom is the ability to filter assignments on the Classwork page by using a drop down menu at the top (or if your window is wide, it will make a list in the left hand side panel.) But there is a...
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