Google Classroom: Your Work Bubble

Students Have Work in “Your Work” Google Classroom allows students to submit their work digitally. To access their work they need to click on the assignment stripe on the Stream or on the Classwork page click on “View Assignment.” This takes...

How To Share Elementary Videos?

Google Classroom to Share Privately I was asked this question Looking for a suggestion… A music teacher wants for all our elementary music teachers to be able to video 30-60 seconds of a class and for the rest of the department to view the videos… Not for...

Google Classroom: Copy Link

Link to an Assignment in Google Classroom While students are able to find their assignments organized on the Classwork page there is sometimes a need to direct students to a particular assignment. 3 Dots Use the 3 dots on the assignment stripe on the Classwork page to...

Google Classroom: Exit Suggestion Mode

Switch From Suggesting Edits to Editing In Google Classroom, if you open a student document from Classroom it opens in the Feedback tool. For Google text documents, this defaults to suggestion mode. This means that if you type on a student’s Google text document...

Try Formative

Formative is an awesome assessment tool!


Try Formative

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