Google Classroom: Exit Suggestion Mode

Switch From Suggesting Edits to Editing In Google Classroom, if you open a student document from Classroom it opens in the Feedback tool. For Google text documents, this defaults to suggestion mode. This means that if you type on a student’s Google text document...

Goal Setting in Google Classroom Level Up Game

Goal Setting is Powerful for Achievement To achieve a long term goal you need to set several short term achievable goals to help you get there. “I want an A in the class” …. okay, how are you going to get there? Google Classroom Level Up Game...

Google Classroom: Who Did Work?

After Assigning Work, Who is Working On It? No matter what way you cut it, autopsy feedback is never as effective as feedback before a student thinks they are done. The BEST way to do this? Sit next to a kid. However this is not always feasible in the time constraints...

Drive 20 is BACK

Use Drive20 to Open 20 Google Docs All at Once What is good and bad about Google is they are always making changes. I like to think it keeps your brain young. Awhile back Google updated Google Drive and this caused the Drive20 Chrome extension to break. I am happy to...


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