Adding PhET Sims to Google Classroom

Bring Digital Simulations Into Your Classroom PhET from the University of Colorado Boulder provides digital simulations for math and science concepts. No registration is required, you can easily push out these simulations to your students via Google Classroom....

Google Classroom Student Chooser Feature

Randomly Choose a Student in Class Google Classroom has added a “Student selector” to the Classroom Android app. This is essentially a “popsicle sticks” app for how to call on a student or select a student. While there are many apps for your...

Find Class Comments in Google Classroom

Class Comments in Google Classroom An update to Google Classroom now makes it easier for you to access the class comments. While you still can not see the comments until you click on them, the process is significantly easier. Class comments build community, an...

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Online Go Slow Workshop
*Jan 7: Google Classroom Tips and Tricks
*Jan 14: Intro to Google Forms

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