Tip: Create a New Class in Google Classroom

Buy on Amazon: alicekeeler.com/books Creating Topics on the Classwork Page Google Classroom is designed to be organized on the Classwork page with topics. On the Classwork page, click on the Create button to choose “Topic.” Topics can only show 10 items at...

Google Classroom: Call it Submit Button

In Google Classroom students see either a “Mark as done” button or a “Turn in” button. The difference is whether or not the student is submitting an attachment. No attachment = “Mark as done.” Notice in the animation below that the...

Using Meet in Google Classroom by @markloundy

Mark Loundy has been on top of reporting how the new Meet integration works in Google Classroom. Follow him on Twitter: @markloundy He’s the guy to ask for Meet questions!!! Super helpful. Check out his short video on using video chat Meet in Google Classroom. I...

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