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Tutorial: Reuse MULTIPLE Google Classroom Assignments

Reuse multiple Google Classroom Assignments AT ONCE using Alice Keeler (unofficial) Add-on. Make a list of your assignments, check off the ones you want to reuse and send to your class.
Tutorial: Reuse MULTIPLE Google Classroom Assignments
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If you are a Google Classroom user try my Reuse GC (unofficial) Add-on) to reuse multiple google classroom assignments.

Reuse Multiple Google Classroom Assignments

My Add-on (unofficial) allows you to list the assignments from a previous class, check the checkbox of multiple assignments, and reuse them to your Google Classroom easily.

  1. Make a copy of the template alicekeeler.com/reusegc
  2. Wait about a minute for the code to load
  3. Use the menu for Reuse GC to “Show sidebar.”
  4. Approve the scary permissions screen. You are authorizing YOURSELF access to your own Google Drive. It is safe! This Add-on collects NO user data!
  5. Click on “Import Classes” in the sidebar.
  6. Checkbox the class you want to use and click “Set Class” in the sidebar.
  7. Go to Assignments
  8. Click “Select Reuse Class”
  9. Pick the class you want to reuse FROM in the dropdown.
    This will create a list of the assignments for that class.
    Feel free to repeat this multiple times to get a list from many of your Classes.
  10. You will be prompted as to if you want to add the topics to the new class.
    NOTE: IF You are an Alice Keeler Premium Member, go to the premium options and click on “Get Topics” to align your current topics with the imported assignments.
  11. Checkbox the assignmentS you wish to reuse. Check multiple assignments from a class to reuse to your current class.
  12. Click “Reuse Assignments” in the toolbar.

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Setup for EACH Class

You will want a copy of the template for EACH class! The spreadsheet for the template is automatically added as a draft to your Google Classroom, this makes it easy to open the spreadsheet each time you are in your Google Classroom.

Premium Features

Reuse GC by Alice Keeler is a freemium Add-on. For free you can reuse multiple assignments from Google Classroom at once. You can also create assignments in Google Classroom from reuse GC. You can also, for free, auto score assignment. Under the assignments list, go to the automate menu and set automation. Assignments created in Reuse GC will be automatically scored when submitted.

Premium List

Reuse multiple google classroom assignments premium list of features for reuse gc. Score, reuse, reuse templatetab, list current assignments, assignments to doc, score checked assignments, append checked assignments, get topics, create a new google classroom class. Show the roster. Create a topic per student

If you are a member of AliceKeeler Premium Membership you get a weekly passcode for premium features!

After importing your assignment list, use the Premium Features to “Get Topics.”

If the topic titles match, the “Get Topics” will add the topic ID to the list of assignments so they post to the correct topic.

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Reuse MULTIPLE Google Classroom Assignments

  1. I love this spreadsheet and Apps Script! It is so incredibly helpful. I’ve used it for years and saved so much time. Thank you!

    I used it at the beginning of the year and had success, but I just tried to create a new one, and am ruining into issues. I can import my classes and select and set the class I want to import into, but the “Select Reuse Class” button is not working. I tried it for several different classes, on two different accounts, but no success. Any ideas?

    1. Oh no! I have not updated in awhile so I am not sure why it would do that. I’m always adding new features to this unofficial script. So I’ll be testing it soon.

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