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A Lesson in Bitmoji

Many teachers love using Bitmoji, it makes your digital interactions more personal. However, how do you get started? Check out this lesson in Bitmoji for a Bitmoji tutorial for teachers.
A lesson in bitmoji
A Lesson in Bitmoji
YouTube video

Dr. Chris Brownell and myself were chatting and we decided to have a conversation about how to use Bitmoji. Please view the recording of our Streamyard conversation: A lesson in Bitmoji. This is your cartoon YOU. Create a Bitmoji that looks like you and include it in your interactions and lesson materials. I am adamant that Bitmoji improves learning because it makes your digital interactions with students more personal. Put your Bitmoji on worksheets, instantly elevates it because it adds a personal connection to it. Try this Bitmoji tutorial for teachers if you are new to Bitmoji or just want to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Snapchat NOT Required

Bitmoji would love it if you would sign in with Snapchat. However, you do NOT need Snapchat to sign up for Bitmoji. Notice you can SIGN UP in small print under the login button.

Bitmoji Login

Install on Your Phone

Since I already have a Bitmoji, I do not need to sign up again. Any company makes changes to how they do things from time to time. The last I knew, you HAD to use the APP to create your avatar. HOWEVER, I just attempted to create an account at Bitmoji.com and was able to do so.

ONLY your FIRST sign up can you use a SELFIE to create your avatar.

The ability to get started with creating a Bitmoji using a Selfie is super helpful! However, if you already have an account that option is gone. “📣 This feature is only available for first time users ✨” The selfie option MUST be done on the phone!

Creating Your Bitmoji Avatar

There are a LOT of ways to customize your avatar. Notice when you click on the elements along the top they give you even more ways to customize that particular feature. Also notice, when choosing accessories for your avatar you can choose the color. So choose the STYLE of shirt you like and then you can change the color of it using the round color circles.

Bitmoji avatar crator. Choosing earing for the avatar. Along the top are all t he elements of the avatar that can be customized. A lesson in bitmoji is that you can notice color options.

Install the Chrome Extension

Be sure to install the Chrome extension so you can access your Bitmoji’s when on your laptop.

How to Make a Bitmoji Sticker

Bitmoji Sticker of Alice Keeler

Bitmoji Stickers are automatically created when you access the Bitmoji app on your phone or use the Chrome extension. There are a lot to choose from and you can search for stickers. New ones are added regularly.

On your phone open the Bitmoji app and scroll to find a sticker you like. OR search within the app. Tap on a sticker and wait a second. It will highlight that sticker and give you options to share the sticker in a lot of the apps on your phone. For example, you can send directly to Facebook or Twitter.

As a teacher, I need to have the Bitmoji to put in my Google Slides or on my syllabus. Thus I might choose the “Google Drive” or “Save Image” option so that it is a photo file. I can then use this Bitmoji sticker as I would ANY picture.

Android users can add the Bitmoji keyboard. This allows you to add a Bitmoji sticker when you are accessing the emoji’s on your keyboard. This makes it fast and easy for me to text my Bitmojis. iPhone users will need to scroll some of the options in the keyboard to find the Bitmoji icon to directly add Bitmoji’s to a text message.

DRAG From the Chrome Extension

The most common way that I use Bitmoji stickers is to DRAG from the Chrome extension directly onto my Google Docs or Slides. See the video for how to do this. I am a big fan of dragging Bitmoji Stickers onto student work as a means of feedback. It makes my feedback more personal. (Also, use Mote to leave a voice note)

Save Image As

While you can DRAG into Docs and Slides you can NOT drag into Sites and Sheets. If dragging your Bitmoji does not work:

RIGHT CLICK on the Bitmoji in the Chrome extension

Bitmoji pop down from Chrome extension and after right clicking on a bitmoji there is an option to save image as. Bitmoji tutorial for teachers

When right clicking on a sticker, you have the option to “Save Image As.” This will download the image to your downloads folder on your computer. This is an image file and you can use that Bitmoji image any way you would use any picture.

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Copy Image

I use a LOT of Canva and Jamboard. Neither of these allow me to DRAG Bitmoji. However, I can copy and paste. Right click on the Bitmoji image and select “Copy Image.” This saves the sticker to your clipboard. In Canva, Jamboard, or really any product, use Control V to PASTE the Bitmoji.

Custom Bitmoji

In the Chrome extension (and also iPhones can do this) when you search for a topic it will create a custom sticker with that word. I searched for “Alice Keeler.” Obviously, this is not a keyword on any of the stickers. Thus, it just made me a sticker with the words “Alice Keeler” on it.

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