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Insert a Bitmoji Into Your Google Form

bitmoji in google forms

When using digital tools try to put yourself into them to help students feel there is a teacher guiding them through the lesson. Bitmoji’s are great for adding “you” along with some personality into digital resources. Google Forms are awesome for flipped learning, formative assessment, checks for understanding, and so much more. Bitmoji AND Google Forms… the awesomeness meter here might explode.


If you do not have a Bitmoji go to bitmoji.com and create one.  (Note: if students ALREADY have a Bitmoji, they are really fun for students to include in their work as well. I hesitate to recommend having students create them since some of the images are not fully appropriate for school. Parent permission on this would be a high recommendation.)

Chrome Extension

The Bitmoji Chrome extension allows you to DRAG Bitmoji’s straight onto Google Docs or Google Slides. This is awesome for designing digital documents and also for feedback. Sadly, you can not do this with Google Forms.

Google Forms

To add images to a Google Form you must select that you’re inserting an image. No dragging of images!
insert image to google form

You can add an image as part of the Form by clicking on the image icon in the floating toolbar. You can also add an image to a question or an answer choice. Hover over a question or answer line and the image icon will appear. Click on the icon.
image icon in Google Forms

You still can NOT drag Bitmoji images from the Chrome extension. Instead, click on the Chrome extension and right click on the Bitmoji of choice and choose “Copy Image Address.”

right click on bitmoji and copy image address

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Google Form

When inserting an image into a Google Form the default is to upload an image, however, notice there are several other options along the top. Choose “By URL,” the 3rd option. Paste (Control V) the Bitmoji image link into the box. You should see a preview of your Bitmoji.

You can resize your Bitmoji in the Google Form after you select and insert the image.


Click Here for Google Form

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