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Mobile Bitmoji in Google Docs

bitmoji google docs
Mobile Bitmoji in Google Docs

bitmoji google docs

Bitmoji is You

I have a theory that Bitmoji makes learning better. We know relationship building and having a connection with students has a significant impact. Including Bitmoji or another avatar of ourselves in our digital documents puts that personal touch because IT IS YOU. A new feature in Android keyboards is the ability to insert Bitmoji from the keyboard.

Google Docs

When editing a Google Doc on your phone, Bitmoji is available in the keyboard if you have the Bitmoji app installed. Start by opening the Google Docs or Google Slides app on your phone or tablet.

Create a new document.

While editing the Google Doc, click on the emoji icon in the keyboard.

Notice you can change from emoji to Bitmoji by tapping on the Bitmoji icon now available.

Touch the Bitmoji you wish to insert into your Google Doc and instantly it is part of the document. Now my mobile documents are a bit more “me.”

2 thoughts on “Mobile Bitmoji in Google Docs

  1. Hello Alice Corey here pats friend. I was working on a google slide and was trying to add Bitmoji to my presentation but having trouble on my iPad adding them. So i google it and you came up soooo cool to see that. Merry Christmas hope all is well with you. If you have time another day can you show me how to add Bitmoji from iPad. Thank you I

    1. From an iPad you open the bitmoji app and save the image to insert into Slides. I believe you can copy to the clipboard and paste, but I can’t quite remember if that worked. I do remember it wasn’t super hard but not as easy as dragging from the Chrome extension.

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