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Bitmoji Stickers for the Win!

Avery Sticker Labels
Bitmoji Stickers for the Win!

Avery Sticker Labels

Make Your Own Stickers

A Guest Post by Sonya Schkabla

With only a few minutes and some sticker labels, you can create stickers to share with your students featuring your own Bitmoji.

Order Labels

The first step is to get your labels. I used Avery 22805 sticker paper labels. They are 1.5 inch squares and come 24 to a sheet. Any square label would work.

Avery Labels 22805

Save Bitmoji Images

Open your Bitmoji app on your phone. Then select and save the images you want to use to your camera roll. You can also do this on your laptop by using the Bitmoji extension in your Chrome browser. Right click (Alt+click on Chromebook) on the image and choose Save Image As. I chose several positive messages and some fun images with plants and animals because I am an environmental science teacher.

Avery Website

Next, go to avery.com/print on your phone or laptop. You will have to create an account but it is free. You will type in the number of the label (mine was 22805). It will show you the labels. Select next and choose the blank design. Then insert your Bitmoji using the image button on the left hand side and size them to fit. If you do this while on Edit All, it will fill the whole page with the same Bitmoji image on all the stickers. If you do Edit One, you can put in a variety of different images. Save your project when you’re done and then print from your phone if you can or from your laptop. If you created the stickers on your phone but can’t print from it, you can log on to avery.com from a computer and print from there.

Creating Sticker Labels

Other Uses

I have also used the sticker labels to print QR codes. My students scan them with an iPad and watch a video I made explaining directions or a short clip about our current content. There are endless ways to use QR codes and these sticker labels make it easy and convenient to distribute codes to the students.

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