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Share the Love: 5 Reasons to Love Schoolytics

Google Classroom users share the love about using your free Schoolytics account to make Google Classroom even better. 5 Reasons to Love Schoolytics presentation slides are shared with you so you can share with others.
Share the Love: 5 Reasons to Love Schoolytics

I work part-time for Schoolytics because I love how they make Google Classroom even better. Both Schoolytics and I code solutions for Google Classroom and I have been putting my efforts into working with Schoolytics to make it easier to distribute these solutions. I gave a presentation on 5 Reasons Schoolytics Saves You Time. Here is the presentation and the slides.

YouTube video

Google Slides Presentation

In the Google Slides I have added comments in the speaker notes. If you would like to share the love; feel free to copy the slides and modify them to present with your audience. Here is the template in Canva to allow you to modify the slide images. I downloaded the Canva images and added them as backgrounds to the Google Slides.

Schoolytics in 5 Minutes

Want to share the love but only have a couple of minutes to present? Feel free to use and modify this quick introduction Google Slides.

Learn More About Schoolytics

These slides are intended to be a quick intro to let teachers know about Schoolytics. If you want to learn more please consider signing up for a free teacher workshop. Dr. Hartranft is super nice and will help you to get more out of Schoolytics.

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