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WARNING: Google Forms Marks it WRONG

Warning automatically marked wrong

Certain Question Types in Google Forms Default to Incorrect

If you use Google Forms for quizzes it is important to know how the scoring works. By default questions such as paragraph text and time are marked incorrect regardless of what the student submits.

Turning on Quizzes

To turn your Google Form into a self grading quiz, click on the settings cog in the upper right. Click on the 3rd tab “Quizzes” and toggle on “Make this a quiz.” The default is to release grade “Immediately after each submission.”

Settings cog in the Upper Right and go to the quizzes tab and turn on make this a quiz and leave the default for release grade.

Any question types that can not be automatically graded by Google Forms are marked incorrect by default. Suggestion to choose “later, after manual review” if you have any of these question types.

Question Types

Using Paragraph, Linear scale, Date, or Time as a question type does not auto grade. By default the score will count as a zero until graded by the teacher and the score is released.

Try This Quiz

After submitting the quiz and answering all of the questions notice I only scored a 2 out of 18, which is from the multiple choice question.

Scoring Questions Manually

To view student responses to questions, click on “Question” in the Google Form. Use the drop down to choose the question to score. Type in the score if less than full credit or click on the green checkmark to give full credit. Click save at the bottom. Repeat per question.

Click on question in the google form and assign a score and save.

Release the Scores

Do not forget to release the scores once you’ve gone through and given points for all the questions that required manual scoring, click back on the Summary tab. Scroll down a little and under the Scores section, click on “Release scores.”

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